Simba Group is a 100% Australian owned and operated company. We are passionate about creating a positive impact on local businesses and individuals over mutliple fields. The divisions that make up our company specialise in multiple fields including importing, agriculture and investment.

Our importing division specialises in assisting companies and community organisations to manage the importing of their commercial goods and promotional merchandise. We can take care of product selection, customisation, procurment, negotiation, quality control and after sales service.

We take the complications out of importing with the assurance that your goods arrive on time as per your specifications.

The agricultural division manages a number of brands that focus on developing the technology and equipment to improve current farming methods and promote sustainability.

The world's population is increasing at a rapid rate meaning so are the mouths to feed. What is alarming is that current methods of large scale agricultural activity, which have shown to have negative long term effects on our environment are being challenged by climate change and other undesirable conditions effecting the ability to farm. 

This results in two problems:

1. Increasing agricultural activity using current methods can only further damage our environment.

2. Increasing undesirable farming conditions are increasing difficulty to meet the ever growing demand for fresh produce and medicine.

Our team work day in, day out to develop innovative technology to help increase the rate of produce whilst minimising the use of precious resources.

Our investment division focuses on empowering individuals by gaining insight on how to create wealth through investment.

Our team of qualified individuals will help you to gain insight into the wealth buiding steps through property investment. We believe that knowledge is power and by spreading information is the same as spreading empowerment.